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Stadion an der Bremer Brücke, VfL Osnabrück

Picture of Stadion an der Bremer Brücke


  • Club name: VfL Osnabrück
  • Ground name: Stadion an der Bremer Brücke
  • Year ground opened: 1931
  • Capacity: 16,667
  • Web Site: http://www.vfl.de/

The Stadion an der Bremer Brücke

The Stadion an der Bremer Brücke is a stadium that could be located in England as well, due to the fact that only stand, the north stand, has been rebuilt in now much bigger then the remaining three stands of the stadium, something you do not see very often in Germany. The stadium offers room for 16,667 spectators, which is more than enough for the 3. Bundesliga and would even be okay if Osnabrück would get promoted.

The north stand is an all-seater stand and currently the biggest stand in the stadium, the seats spell "VfL" in white on purple. It is fully covered and has a cantilevered roof, so no obstructions there. It is the only stand without floodlights behind it. Continuning clockwise, the east stand is the home supporters stand with terraces and it is fully covered with a non-cantievered roof, which means some supporting pillars in your way. Two floodlights are located behing the stand and not, as usual, in the corners. In the corner towards the south (main) stand, you find one of two electronic scoreboards, the other is on the opposite side of the pitch. Behind the main stand, there are two more floodlights and although the stand is basically covered, the roof only protects a small part of the stand at the back, seats in the front are thus not recommended if rain is likely. The west stand is basically identical to the east stand and accomodates visiting supporters and a children's area, the second scoreboard can be found here in the corner towards the north stand; there are only a small number of steps below the area where the scoreboard is located.

Home supporters are located in the west stand, visiting supporters are located in the east stand. Seats for visitors are in the corner of the north stand towards the east stand.

How To Get There...

By Car & Where To Park

If you come by car, the address of the Stadion an der Bremer Brücke is "Scharnhorststraße 50, 49084 Osnabrück".

There is a small parking lot at the stadium, but this is most probably reserved for permit holders on match days. Your best bet is to park along Bremer Straße or any one of the smaller streets around the stadium.

By Public Transportation

Using public transportation in Osnabrück is not optimal as there is no bus line going from the main station towards the stadium, instead you have to change at Neumarkt. The stadium is close to the main station and city centre, but if you decide to go by bus, here are the connections from main station and Neumarkt, which is just south of the city centre.

From main station to Neumarkt (2 stops):

  • Line 31 (direction Heger Friedhof)
  • Line 32 (direction Atter Strothesiedlung)
  • Line 33 (direction Attersee)
  • Line 81/82 (direction Pye)
  • Line 91 (direction Hellern)
  • Line 92 (direction Hörne)

From Neumarkt to the stadium (4 stops to "Bremer Brücke"):

  • Line 71 (direction Belm, Astruper Heider)
  • Line 72 (direction Belm, Up de Heede)

Walking directions

The stadium is easily walkable from the main station, the distance is less than a mile. As you have to change lines when going by bus, I recommend walking anyway.

Exit the main station to the north and head straight on for about 200 yards. Turn right onto Buersche Straße, pass under the railway and turn left onto Schinkelstraße. After 500 yards, you reach an intersection, turn left onto Oststraße and continue for 200 yards. At the intersectioon with Scharnhorststraße, the northwest conrner of the stadium is directly to your right.

Admission price

These are normal ticket prices from the 2015/16 season.

  • Terrace:
    • West stand, east stand, guests - 12 €
  • Seats:
    • North stand, south stand - 29 €

Last updated 04.08.2015

Average Attendance

VfL Osnabrück draws quite large crowds for the 3. Liga, which means Osnabrück is usually among the top teams in the league regarding average attendance. Still, the stadium is rarely sold out in the 3. Liga.

Tickets can be bought via the club's own ticket shop.

  • Season 2014/15: 8,727 (52.3%)
  • Season 2013/14: 8,778 (52.7%)
  • Season 2012/13: 10,621 (63.7%)
  • Season 2011/12: 8,677 (52.1%)
  • Season 2010/11: 13,319 (79.9%)

Last updated 04.08.2015, Source: http://www.transfermarkt.de/


Stadion an der Bremer Brücke Location Map